Ideas Originate from Creative Processes.

Identify the opportunity

The first - and most important - phase where intensive learning quickly takes place. We do this by conducting various audits such as studying previous collateral, interviewing within the company, reviewing business and marketing plans, understanding the brand, analyzing competitive materials.


Define the strategy

From our research, we are able to refine the gathered data into a unified idea. We work collaboratively with the client to determine the project's creative direction and implement an effective strategy. This strategy will serve as a framework and will establish criteria for visualizing the design development.


Visualizing the brand experience

In order to create appropriate design solutions, we engage in collaborative presentations with the client that is necessary to verify that the visual approach is aligned with the initial strategy. The result of this phase is a critical component in the realization of a compelling brand strategy and a differentiated brand identity.


Managing a living brand

Managing brand identity assets requires enlightened leadership and a long-term commitment to doing everything possible to grow the brand. We work with you to maintain a consistent brand message by cultivating brand assets while refining strategies for future campaigns.

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