STARMEN Work Recognized by SCA Awards


STARMEN is excited to announce we’ve received a pair of Summit Creative Awards for two unique client endeavors. Our website work garnered both a Bronze and a Silver from SCA's recent cycle. Both of these respective projects encompassed elements of both brand strategy and web design and development, and we’re proud of what we were able to accomplish on behalf of these clients.

Fueled by a tenacious creative energy, our work as an agency is appraised first and foremost by our clients’ satisfaction. That being said, it is always an added bonus to have our projects well-received by judging panels as this kind of recognition not only validates our clients’ visions, but helps hold our team to a higher standard of design and branding excellence set by the world’s leading industry experts. 


"Since 1994, the Summit Creative Award has enabled creative firms to receive the recognition they have long deserved. This international advertising competition offers participants a unique opportunity to showcase their talents alongside similarly positioned agencies, and to have their work judged by experts in the advertising field. Our exclusive award-selection process means winners have earned the right to broadcast their achievements far and wide."
— The Summit Creative Awards

Since 1994, the SCAs have sought “to laud the creative work of less-than-huge SCA Logo agencies, making competition affordable and accessible.” Many other organizations seemingly lean in favor of bigger agencies with bigger allowances, and this sometimes presents insurmountable opposition for smaller ventures competing in the same categories. However, the SCAs seek to honor great work regardless of budget. The SCAs are the first and most prestigious competition of its kind, and submissions hail from all corners of the globe.

One thing’s for certain, though. The Summit Creative Awards serve as proof that sometimes the most captivating work is roused from the most stringent of finances, when lack of fiscal freedom forces creative and development teams to think outside of the box to find solutions that are both groundbreaking and financially conservative. There is indeed something very noble about an agency’s ability to create something spectacular from something very small. As an agency, we’re proud to give our clients the vocal and visual brand presence needed to be heard in today’s cluttered marketplace.

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