STARMEN Celebrates IAC Award


STARMEN is pleased to share our agency has been recognized with an award from the most recent cycle of the Internet Advertising Competition, more commonly known as the IAC Awards. The honored project, our work on national nonprofit LA2DC (, has been the recipient of several awards in the past, and we are very pleased to be able to attribute further accolades to this very deserving project.

What makes this award unique, though, is its emphasis on excellence in digital marketing. Unlike other programs that encompass projects across marketing platforms, the IAC pays strict attention to web development and Internet marketing. 

And for good reason! Ad spend on campaigns directed toward e-marketing initiatives is expected to surpass $137 billion in 2015. With expenditures this high, it goes without saying that the field of Internet marketing is invariably deserving of critique and scrutiny of its own accord. 

The Internet is perhaps less tangible than other, more traditional forms of marketing, yet its ambiguity is perplexed by how intertwined in our daily lives it continues to become. With our phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets, we are a society with a massive digital interdependency. 

The Web Marketing Association was formed as a direct response to this phenomenon. Since 1997 it has sought to set and maintain a high standard of excellence for this subfield of marketing. An assembly of professionals from across the industry, the WMA includes many of the top marketing, advertising, PR, and design professionals working in the field today. These individuals, distinguished by their own contributions to the industry, come together to recognize and honor the finest work being generated by agencies and individuals from all areas of the digital marketing arena. 

In fact, the WMA’s sole emphasis on digital marketing is one of the primary reasons our team at STARMEN is so honored by the distinction. It means that our work is worthy of attention and recognition when placed squarely against other work of its own kind -- apples to apples -- as opposed to other competitions where digital work is grouped and assessed against projects of other mediums.

Our client, LA2DC, approached us with a singular goal in mind: to prevent genocides by recognizing past ones, including the Armenian genocide. Our web design and development work is the result of just how deeply moved we are by our client’s unwavering and altruistic ambition. 

LA2DC is a cross country athletic event with two initiatives: perhaps first and foremost, it encourages participants to push beyond their physical limitations in an effort to remember and pay homage to communities around the world who’ve fallen victim to genocide, and second, it lobbies Congress to use its power for good in the face of the astonishing evils that are still playing out across the world.

We’d qualify our client’s work as both necessary and exceptional, and winning this award from the IACs is perhaps the best way to showcase and further spread our client’s noble mission with further audiences.

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