STARMEN Scores at the Interactive Media Awards


It is with great gratitude that we share with you that STARMEN has received recognition from the Interactive Media Awards for two of our recent client initiatives. We were given the highest honor in the category of Advocacy -- the Best in Class -- as well as an Outstanding Achievement award in the category of Bridal and Weddings.

About the IMAs

The Interactive Media Awards is a program created by the Interactive Media Council (IMC), a nonprofit assembly of industry leaders, including designers, developers, programmers, and marketers. Through its awards program, the organization seeks to recognize the highest standards of merit in the field of website design and development. 

The IMC maintains total autonomy over its extensive and rigorous judging process, which means that those who ultimately win did not do so lightly or without truly presenting a comprehensively excellent campaign. In fact, the act of honoring those agencies and individuals who each year continue to push the envelope serves to further uphold these standards of excellence, keeping the bar set high as the industry continues to pave its way into the digital unknown.

At STARMEN, we believe that striving for excellence is a futile endeavor, indeed, if the work is not motivated by a concise pairing of goals. For us, above all else, we work to drive action and results, which allows our ideas and end products to live longer, thereby facilitating measurable brand growth.

About LA2DC

The client ventures honored in this year’s IMAs are two we’re quite proud of. National nonprofit LA2DC ( is organized and supported by a community of interfaith and interracial Americans all across the country. United in the belief that genocide only serves to beget more genocide, this group is pivotal in promoting heightened sensitivity to these types of war-related atrocities. Additionally, the group tirelessly lobbies world leaders to take the necessary actions in the resolution and prevention of genocides across the world. Our work for this client was both impassioned by its admirable agenda, and motivated with a fiery tenacity to produce the most effective work possible in order to further advance this noble cause. It is our hope that this our recognition as Best in Class will allow new audiences to learn about this truly incredible organization.

About L.A. Banquets

For over 30 years, L.A. Banquets has provided for the special events needs of the Greater Los Angeles area. Their unwavering commitment to servicing each event as if it was their own celebration has allowed them to remain at the forefront of their industry, and a staple in the lives of their oftentimes repeat customers. We knew our digital work for L.A. Banquets had to not only speak to the company’s longstanding prominence, but also carve a significant presence for the company to use the Internet more efficiently as a tool to connect with customers old and new. Our receipt of the Outstanding Achievement award in the category of Bridal and Weddings validates our belief that we have truly come full circle with our goals for this initiative.

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