STARMEN Earns Multiple Wins from Horizon Interactive Awards


STARMEN Earns Multiple Wins from Horizon Interactive Awards

After winding down an exciting 2012 with 12 trophies from the W3 Awards and Davey Awards, STARMEN is gearing up for summer on an equally bright note. We recently took home 4 wins from the 11th annual Horizon Interactive Awards! The international competition was created to recognize excellence in the interactive media field. This year, there was some tough competition, as the Horizon Awards received thousands of submissions from nearly all 50 states and 25 countries. 

We’re particularly thrilled about this recognition, not just because the statuettes are shiny and handsome, but because this competition embraces a unique approach to judging. The panelists aren’t just design experts — they’re our industry peers — other digital media professionals with varying skillsets and capabilities. In addition to an end-user panel, the judging crew included Creative Directors, Chris Nation of Hitcents and Flavio Masson, of That meant the designs couldn’t just look nice, they had to function well, and with purpose. Here at STARMEN, we always keep functionality at the forefront of our creative process. Aesthetics are meaningless unless they offer a creative and strategic solution. We are honored for the awards bestowed on us for our work on the following campaigns:

STARMEN Earns Multiple Wins from Horizon Interactive Awards

And the awards go to...

Win #1:
Gold for Advocacy/ Non-Profit Website

J/P Haitian Relief Organization provides relief and emergency services in Haiti. Following the catastrophic earthquake in 2010, J/P HRO immediately stepped in with rescue efforts. In anticipation of their 2 year anniversary, J/P HRO partnered with us to launch a completely redesigned website. We focused on a new design and strategy for a web experience that would visually communicate the mission of the organization through film and video.

Bronze for Business to Business/ Corporate Website

John Foley provides individual and corporate leadership training. Best known for their inspirational keynotes, the company has worked with some of the biggest brands worldwide. We are grateful to be a part of John's 'Glad To Be Here' team, and the experience challenged us to maximize our performance. The website gives readers a taste of what John’s incredible presentations can offer executive and management teams across industries.

Win #3: Lincoln Movie (One-Sheet Design Concept)
Gold for Print Poster

Our Creative Director, Anthony Wiktor, designed an alternative movie poster for Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln." Wiktor also designed a campaign around his creative concept, which was quite a contrast from the film's actual marketing campaign. "I wanted to use a darker tone to create a more dramatic visual that matched the feel of the film," says Anthony. The poster is now featured on the Lincoln movie website.

Win #4 is a Gold Award for our own website in the Self Promotional Website category.

Click here to read the full press release about the awards from the Horizon Interactive Awards.

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