Branding Lincoln, the Movie


I'd long been planning to use my creative skills to interpret this legendary story of Lincoln to promote the film and I knew it would all start with an iconic image. Below you'll see the still from the film that was released, keep in mind at the time, a poster for the film had not been created. All I had was this image and a bunch of ideas to running through my mind. Below, you'll see how I created an iconic poster  or 'one-sheet' out of this single image to establish the branding campaign for the film.

The Poster (One-Sheet Concept)

Click here to view full-size version.

About the Design

This darker, more dramatic alternative to the final poster (which has now been released) uses a familiar profile image of Daniel Day-Lewis that is forward facing similar to the iconic profile of Lincoln seen on the "penny". My artistic approach to using a darker black background gives more contrast to Lincoln's stern, determined expression. Overall the viewer is left with a dramatic visual that aims to connect poster to the dramaticism of film.

Finally, after a closer look, you'll notice Lincoln's actual signature being used as the title or 'logo' for the film. I felt it was a fitting authentic touch, no typeface (like the predictable Trajan) can achieve.

Social Media - Facebook Fan Page

Lincoln Movie Facebook

Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Though, this is not that actual poster and purely conceptual, I'm happy it's creating buzz and making the rounds on the internet."Lincoln" is set to open in some theaters Nov. 9 and expand nationally on Nov. 16.

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