STARMEN Wins at This Year’s Communicator Awards



Any opportunity to furnish a campaign with our strategic and creative faculties is motivated first and foremost by the utmost in client satisfaction. However, while it goes without saying that the receipt of awards is an entirely subsidiary form of gratification, we also appreciate the opportunity that competition provides for us to truly fine tune our craft. 

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”


Innovation is perhaps the cornerstone of our modern society, and for good reason. Innovation helps us progress; it heals us, enriches us, and entertains us. It connects us as a people in ways prior generations could never have dreamed. But all too frequently, marketers with raw ambition aim to catapult their campaigns into fresh, new territories simply to be the newest or the most different, all without a clear motive in mind.

The Year Of Making Brands Work


We believe that the only way to predict the future is to create it. And at our core, we are an agency dedicated to the creation of positive change through strategic brand development.

Human Engagement: The New SEO


The New SEO is Human Engagement

Just as everyone figured out the mechanics of SEO, everything changed. Here's what you need to know:

Google and other search engines have recently been updating their search algorithms. As the biggest name in the game, Google has pioneered the way with two major algorithm updates: Panda and Penguin.

Why We Love Web Fonts



Google and Typekit both released some great news last week. First, Google announced that they are releasing high-quality open source fonts, deemed “Google Fonts,” in the Google Font Directory. They also went so far as to release Google Font API, an HTML-based tool that enables users to implement any of these fonts into a site with the level of ease to which we have been accustomed to from Google.



HBO New Web Site

The newly revamped, flash-based features enhanced interactive and video features, personal dashboard.

Our good friends over at HBO have relaunched their website,, adding interactive features and enhanced video support. The HBO Go web site itself is visually stunning, with lots of full-screen visuals for each of the featured TV shows, movies, and other bits of programming that scroll once a user is logged in. Browsing through the different featured sections — Movies, Series, Comedy, Sports, Documentaries, and Late Night — is quick and painless, with each offering up an easy-to-navigate interface for choosing between titles. Users can customize the viewing experience by choosing between cover, grid, and list modes of viewing available content.



This week we are so excited to share this excellent example of a successful website redesign for the city of Philadelphia. Philly's very own Happy Cog Studios was commissioned by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation to refresh the outdated site, now available as an archive at The original site launched back in 1997, and over the course of a decade, it had become one of the organization’s most important marketing vehicles.

Reviewing the New Look for Microsoft MSN


During the Internet boom of the late Nineties, MSN rose to become a popular and admired search engine. The company seemed to have it all right: a brand identity that correlated with that of its parent company, Microsoft, an appealing television ad campaign, and plenty of funds to support its place in the online community. 

Flash forward ten years, and the site, logo, marketing, consumer connection virtually everything about the brand has evaporated. MSN had quickly fallen behind the emerging Internet giants Google and Yahoo!, and never quite seemed to catch up. The problem is that the MSN brand has lost the connection it once enjoyed with its audience, and social media is where this is perhaps most true. So, even with a new logo and added features, is it too little, too late for MSN? 

STARMEN Web Pick: Hawaiian Airlines


We love to share our favorite site picks from around the web. Our criteria focuses on overall design visibility, technology, navigation, and how the company applies leading-edge web design principles. Our selections are meant to inform, excite, and inspire you. We all, as Internet users, are affected by web design everyday, so an exemplary web experience is something we're always eager to celebrate. Feel free to submit your favorite sites to us, and we'll consider adding them! Gets Another Facelift


One of our most admired travel brands is Southwest Airlines. We also have been fans of their web site and apparently you are, too. In 2009, Nielsen/Netratings reported that had more unique visitors than any other airline website.

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Our New Site Launches Today!


As an award-winning creative agency specializing in brand design, we are proud to announce the redesign of the STARMEN web site. But ‘redesign’ doesn't really cover it. We’ve made more than an aesthetic adjustment or surface-level change, we’ve ‘refreshed’ internally and externally. The new reflects our new ideas, fresh thinking, and innovative approach to our clients’ brands, as well as our latest design work. 

View Our New Site On Your iPhone


As technology advances and the industry grows, so do we. STARMEN designers and tech enthusiasts are excited to bring you our new iPhone site!  We’ve always been believers in simplicity, and our new optimized mobile format is exactly that — simple and straightforward. Even on your iPhone, we’re here to make your brand work!

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