Our Newly Renovated Hollywood Offices Featured on OfficeSnaphots.com


Our Newly Renovated Hollywood Offices Featured on OfficeSnaphots

Check out our newly remodeled offices featured on OfficeSnapshots.com, a popular blog that reaches more than 300,000 readers each month from around the globe. Office Snapshots showcases architecture and design firms who have recently completed office projects.


Photography by our friend Vince Robbins

3 Ways Blogging Boosts Business


3 Ways Blogging Boosts Business

Facebook? Perhaps. Twitter? Maybe. Blog? Absolutely!

Blogs began as basic, often tawdry online diaries fueled by caffeine and wine. Some launched writing careers, but most simply enabled their authors to vent views or scratch creative itches. As the blogging craze grew, however, many corporate marketers adopted blogs to provide regular company updates and insights, and, almost as quickly, many marketers abandoned them. The reason? Regularly writing articles turned out to be challenging and time consuming; writing articles that attracted readers proved to be even more difficult. After all, who wants to read a corporation’s diary? So when Twitter and other microblogging platforms came along, corporate communicators happily replaced their 500-words of weekly wisdom with concise 140-character tweets.

And that's when marketers discovered the real value of blogs.

For businesses, blogs serve multiple purposes that Twitter can’t come close to serving. In fact, many corporations are now discovering that it’s actually harder to create a worthwhile Twitter account. So now we’re seeing a blog revival. Below are 3 key reasons why blogging boosts business:

The Challenge with Facebook Pages — and 6 Strategies for Overcoming It


The Challenge With Facebook Pages

Here's the Challenge:

Posts on your Facebook business Page are extremely limited: your reach is ‘throttled’ to an average of just 16% of your fans.  Some posts will reach more, some will reach less, depending on how many people engage with your posts (comment, like, share). In general, this means only your most passionate and active fans (plus a small percentage of their friends) will see your posts.

Love At First Sight - But That's Just The Beginning


Love at first sight

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? No doubt, but it usually takes a lot of sweet talk to close the deal.


I'm talking about product marketing, of course. (I bet you thought this was a late Valentine's Day blog.) A lot of us do fall in love with products at an initial glance. Apple can make us crave an iWhatever before we know what it actually does. One glimpse of the Alfa Romeo 4C definitely got my Italian pulse racing. Of course, art and design-based products (fashion, furniture, even foods) can spark desire with just a picture.


Mopping the Carpet: Because Attention to Detail isn't Enough


Yes, we really mop the carpet around here.

Here at Starmen HQ we have industrial strength carpet covering the floors — for now. We plan to rip it out soon to liberate the hardwood underneath, but in the meantime, we gotta keep it clean. That means not just vacuuming, but also swabbing spots of it with a damp mop to remove all the bits of Hollywood Boulevard that get tracked in. (Those sidewalk stars need a bath!) Yes, we know it sounds crazy, but it works.

While we were laughing about it the other day, we decided to coin a new marketing term: "mopping the carpet." (Hey, if Seth Godin can come up with crazy marketing metaphors, so can we!)

In marketing, "mopping the carpet" means more than just maintaining order and paying attention to detail. Every professional agency does that (at least they should). Mopping the carpet means continuously evaluating your marketplace and your media while making critical adjustments along the way.

Starmenusa.com Featured on Web Design Ledger


STARMEN’s site was recently featured on WebDesignLedger.com, one of the most popular blogs for web designers and Internet creatives. You can read more about it in 21 Examples of Big Photography in Web Design. We're so proud that starmenusa.com was considered "an excellent example" of web design, among many other beautiful examples.

Defending London's Olympic Logo


Designing for YouTube: DISH International


We were excited to be a part of DISH International's social media initiative by developing and launching a series of branded YouTube channels to target their long list of language communities. ‘DISH Filipino,’ the first of DISH International’s channels that we designed, includes a custom video slider, drop down menus, and custom banner feature. 

3 Strategies for Building a Stronger Brand in 2012


The New Year always sparks a renewed interest in making changes! As a business, this should include taking a closer look at your brand – both from your perspective, and from your audience’s. Some questions to consider: How do your customers perceive your brand? Is it aligned with how you see yourself? Do people hear and understand exactly what your brand is saying?

There’s always room for improvement. Starting with these three strategies, you can help strengthen your brand in 2012!

The Power of Influence & Creativity


As design professionals, we spend considerable time each and every day thinking about influence.

Of course, we’re continuously developing new strategies for how we can help our clients generate influence. Yet, we also devote much thought into how consumers influence others in an increasingly connected world.

New Year, New Face


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We're making the most out of Facebook and sharing the experience with you! Check out our new Facebook page and see how we've made it easy to engage with us by using custom applications that allow us to connect with our friends, showcase our talents, and share our thoughts in more ways than you can imagine.

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10 Blog Topics to Write... Fast and Easy!


A blog should be an integral part of everyone's marketing plan. Here are some ideas to get you started on the right track:

ten blogs to write about

Ready to get started right now? Tumblr offers FREE blog themes, no hosting or domain needed. It's really simple!

Facebook Marketing: Criteria for Success


8 Criterion For Facebook Page Marketing Success

Social media marketing has become a hot topic amongst brand marketers and businesses who are looking to establish themselves within a social network. As a means to promote their products and services at low cost, a lot of marketers are turning to Facebook. But it's knowing how to use the platform, currently the most popular social network out there, that really makes all the difference to your bottomline.

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Now you can get all the latest, up-to-the-moment happenings from STARMEN, and around the design world. No matter if it’s thirty seconds or 140 characters, we create ideas that don’t just talk, but get talked about.

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Our New Site Launches Today!


As an award-winning creative agency specializing in brand design, we are proud to announce the redesign of the STARMEN web site. But ‘redesign’ doesn't really cover it. We’ve made more than an aesthetic adjustment or surface-level change, we’ve ‘refreshed’ internally and externally. The new starmenusa.com reflects our new ideas, fresh thinking, and innovative approach to our clients’ brands, as well as our latest design work. 

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