Creativity is Magical, Not Magic


It should go without saying that the most powerful expressions of creativity are those which are effectively communicated to audiences outside ourselves.  In fact, our ability to creatively collaborate and interact with one another as a species is a hallmark of what sets us apart from other creatures on this planet. 

The Art of Naming a Brand


What’s in a name? Turns out, when it comes to branding, quite a lot. 

True, a name is not the substance of your company. But in a world where nearly every industry is experiencing inconceivable overcrowding, it simply doesn’t do your business any favors to have a misinformed brand name. 

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”


Innovation is perhaps the cornerstone of our modern society, and for good reason. Innovation helps us progress; it heals us, enriches us, and entertains us. It connects us as a people in ways prior generations could never have dreamed. But all too frequently, marketers with raw ambition aim to catapult their campaigns into fresh, new territories simply to be the newest or the most different, all without a clear motive in mind.

The Year Of Making Brands Work


We believe that the only way to predict the future is to create it. And at our core, we are an agency dedicated to the creation of positive change through strategic brand development.

You No Longer Have to Spend Big Bucks to Get a Great Commercial
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Most people assume that extending their brand’s reach to the masses will be astronomically expensive, costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. General opinion suggests that the more embraceable the brand messaging is, the more it will cost. However, this is no longer necessarily the case.

In this day and age, brand messages travel at the speed of a click, with content being consumed on an array of different devices, and across platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+. Create compelling messaging in the right format, and it won’t be your brand doing the heavy lifting. Instead, the people your message reaches will evangelize your brand through all of their own communication channels. 

Our Newly Renovated Hollywood Offices Featured on


Our Newly Renovated Hollywood Offices Featured on OfficeSnaphots

Check out our newly remodeled offices featured on, a popular blog that reaches more than 300,000 readers each month from around the globe. Office Snapshots showcases architecture and design firms who have recently completed office projects.


Photography by our friend Vince Robbins

Re/VISION: A Night of Celebrating New Ideas


Re/VISION: A Night Of Celebrating New Ideas

As a branding agency based in Hollywood, we're aware that you don't always need an excuse to party. But sometimes you have a solid reason to celebrate, and here at STARMEN, we certainly do! 

After scoring over 12 design awards this year, we wanted to pause and thank the people who made it all possible- our clients and creative team. Their support allows us to do what we love and take risks. To show our appreciation, we hosted a private event for a night of Re/VISION, a chance to celebrate the past and preview our future with the people who matter most to us.

Is Marketing A Science, or Art, or Perhaps A Bit of Both?


Marketing Isn't A Science?

The way you learn it in marketing school, marketing is a science. How could it not be, with all that jargon that puts everything into neat compartments? Unique Selling Proposition. Positioning. Niches. The four Ps. The Marketing Mix. All those rules of advertising and copywriting. Close fast and early.

Executive Director of STARMEN Speaks as Panelist at AIGA’s Professional Series


AIGA’s sold-out Professional Series talk, ‘The Importance of Studio Culture & Identity,’ was held at Continuum’s work-space in Venice Beach.  The discussion brought together STARMEN’s Executive Director, Armen David, as well as Braven Greenelsh, Candice Brokeshire, Michael Stinson, and moderator Eduardo Braniff (CEO of Imagination the Americas).

29 Ways To Stay Creative


We can think of so many ways to keep the right side of our brains active, but these 29 are a great starting off point!

Thanks to Anna @Dalziel+Pow for sharing.

The Power of Influence & Creativity


As design professionals, we spend considerable time each and every day thinking about influence.

Of course, we’re continuously developing new strategies for how we can help our clients generate influence. Yet, we also devote much thought into how consumers influence others in an increasingly connected world.

Why Designers Should Watch 'America's Next Great Restaurant'


"The logo is the point of entry for the brand." -Milton Glaser

We've always been a fan of reality television, and NBC's latest show ‘America's Next Great Restaurant,’ is extra special; not just because CEO Steve Ells contributes his great ideas on how to start a business, but because the show places an emphasis on graphic design and branding. If you're a designer or small business owner, last night's episode was the one to watch.

Starbucks Evolves Logo Into Lovemark


Starbucks New Logo Coffee Cup

The world's largest coffee company, and one of its most beloved brands, just stirred up a bold new roast of its identity.  Starbucks unveiled an updated version of its iconic logo, which had remained unchanged since 1992. The simplified logo focuses on its mermaid symbol, and removes the company name from around the border of the "Siren." That's right, Starbucks no longer feels the need to reinforce its name.

10 Blog Topics to Write... Fast and Easy!


A blog should be an integral part of everyone's marketing plan. Here are some ideas to get you started on the right track:

ten blogs to write about

Ready to get started right now? Tumblr offers FREE blog themes, no hosting or domain needed. It's really simple!

Gap Drastically Changed Their Logo - Will This Change Their Entire Brand?


gap new logo before and after comparison

We at STARMEN are not ones to jump on 'bandwagons', whether the subject matter is politics, celebrity gossip, sports, or business. However, we're all aboard the latest bandwagon traveling along Gap's tracks to logo disaster. Gap’s new logo and branding campaign have widely been referred to as the “Gapgate controversy,” a questionable attempt at designing a new logo, and an even more tasteless approach at trying to market it. There has been way too much recent attention around the new Gap logo, and as a result, we've decided to come up with our own visual ‘solution.’

Designers: How to Choose the Right Typeface for Your Project


typface infographic chart

A designer’s most difficult task seems to be choosing the right typeface one that makes sense with your overall design, stays true to brand standards, and perhaps most important, is legible enough to communicate your messaging.



This week we are so excited to share this excellent example of a successful website redesign for the city of Philadelphia. Philly's very own Happy Cog Studios was commissioned by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation to refresh the outdated site, now available as an archive at The original site launched back in 1997, and over the course of a decade, it had become one of the organization’s most important marketing vehicles.

Reviewing the New Look for Microsoft MSN


During the Internet boom of the late Nineties, MSN rose to become a popular and admired search engine. The company seemed to have it all right: a brand identity that correlated with that of its parent company, Microsoft, an appealing television ad campaign, and plenty of funds to support its place in the online community. 

Flash forward ten years, and the site, logo, marketing, consumer connection virtually everything about the brand has evaporated. MSN had quickly fallen behind the emerging Internet giants Google and Yahoo!, and never quite seemed to catch up. The problem is that the MSN brand has lost the connection it once enjoyed with its audience, and social media is where this is perhaps most true. So, even with a new logo and added features, is it too little, too late for MSN? 

STARMEN Web Pick: Hawaiian Airlines


We love to share our favorite site picks from around the web. Our criteria focuses on overall design visibility, technology, navigation, and how the company applies leading-edge web design principles. Our selections are meant to inform, excite, and inspire you. We all, as Internet users, are affected by web design everyday, so an exemplary web experience is something we're always eager to celebrate. Feel free to submit your favorite sites to us, and we'll consider adding them! Gets Another Facelift


One of our most admired travel brands is Southwest Airlines. We also have been fans of their web site and apparently you are, too. In 2009, Nielsen/Netratings reported that had more unique visitors than any other airline website.

Brand Marketing Is Not a Science


During our daily industry readings, we came across a refreshing article titled “Our Biggest Brands Can No Longer Be Managed By Nerds,” by brand consultant Tom Hinkes. Companies have been scaling back recently on creatively-led brand solutions, and focusing more on the numbers approach. It was refreshing to hear from a well-respected and experienced brand marketer that great marketing requires a balance of both strategy and creative.

Our New Site Launches Today!


As an award-winning creative agency specializing in brand design, we are proud to announce the redesign of the STARMEN web site. But ‘redesign’ doesn't really cover it. We’ve made more than an aesthetic adjustment or surface-level change, we’ve ‘refreshed’ internally and externally. The new reflects our new ideas, fresh thinking, and innovative approach to our clients’ brands, as well as our latest design work. 

Microsite. Macrohelp.


In response to the devastating January 12th earthquake in Haiti, the team at STARMEN Design Group has rallied to spread the word, and make it easier to support American Red Cross relief efforts through the creation of a donation microsite. Urgency is needed to assist those affected by this disaster, especially the thousands of abandoned children who are now without homes. Join us, and show your support by donating to the less fortunate during these tragic times. Be a part of the solution, and provide help for the relief effort through the American Red Cross today!

View the microsite, and donate here. Your donations and support are greatly appreciated!

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