Our Top 4 Resolutions for 2014


2014 Resolutions

The team here at STARMEN is always busy strategizing, and such was the case during our recent New Year kickoff meeting. What made this year's assembly particularly interesting is that we decided to take it a step further, going public with our resolutions. Some may say that opening up about our goals for the year is a risk, but we think of it as a way to hold ourselves accountable for all we do in the year to come. What's more, we're proud of the fabulous creative and technical team to help us reach these goals.

#1 - Up The Talent

Of course, we're grateful to have such a diverse team, and last year's awards reinforced the savvy of our fine troupe. Our creative, strategic, and digital marketing expertise produced work that not only surpassed expectations, but more importantly, created a lasting impression on our agency. What we do is rewarding! To better serve your shifting needs, we’re expanding our network by hand-selecting talented team members with skill sets that will complement the growth we're after. This ultimately allows us to scale our team to fit your greater and longer-term goals. 

#2 - Pursue the "Why?" 

Say 'adios' to the days where an attractive design alone produces long-term results. It’s counterproductive to invest time (and money!) into producing creative work that looks great but lacks sustainability and substance. We want to build on our portfolio of success, and we'll therefore push ourselves to deliver work that not only looks great, but meets our clients’ pressing goals. The key is to keep the big picture continually visible before us. While continuing to launch expertly executed campaigns, we’re committing to repeatedly refer back to the 'why' behind our work to guide our decision-making, maintain focus, and ultimately produce meaningful results.

#3 - Be Selective

We don't want to simply "date" our clients. While our business once operated project-to-project (akin to the dating world), we now crave long-standing partnerships. Doing so enables us to grow with your team, become further invested in your brand, and tackle greater challenges in pursuit of sustained success for your brand and company. With this new outlook, we’re able to be selective with the clients that we take on. Let's face it… great relationships share a similar vision, and grow together with time, becoming stronger. It's a wonderful feeling when both teams are excited to enter a meeting knowing what it will lead to. If that isn't love, we're not sure what is. 

#4 - Go Broad

With multi-channel marketing, it's impossible to declare a ‘secret sauce’ solution that will work for your brand or company. Instead, it's imperative to respect the process, and determine which strategies will prove successful as part of your broader cohesive marketing effort. We'll take accountability for your success in every channel by analyzing the metrics, and implementing solutions based on performance. Love is in the details - and data! This year, we're focused even more on metrics in order to make the best recommendations for your brand.

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